Welcome to Havens, Ohio

   Shortly after I began writing the Wrenn Grayson Mystery series, I realized I would quickly lose my mind if I didn’t organize all the characters, streets, buildings, areas of town, and notable landmarks.
   I created two spreadsheets to record this information. (Spreadsheets are not just for numbers.) My spreadsheets record in which mystery a particular character or street, for example, was first noted, as well as all subsequent appearances. That way, I can easily locate background data. 

    To keep the town straight in my  mind, I found myself hand-drawing maps. Once I mastered the basics of Photoshop, I lighted on the idea of mapping out Havens. Those maps are uploaded on this website.
   As the legend suggests, the buildings are color-coded to match the mystery where they were first mentioned. 

   Check out the maps. Become friendly with the town. Currently, I’m keeping track of nearly 200 characters and map locations. Oh yes, there are more to come....
   One final thing, the gray boxes on the individual maps are used to fill in areas marked for future expansion. Havens is a growing town!