Proper Goodbye

proper goodbye

    Every heart is asked, at some point, to leave something or someone behind while it yearns and aches for a different outcome. Beebe Walker is pulled into a compelling story of lost and found. Inside, she’s haunted by a farewell that never came. Her mother abandoned her and her father without a word when she was sixteen. 

    Beebe is surprised by a visit from her ex-fiancé, Vincent Bostick. He brings shocking news. Reluctantly, Beebe decides to move back home, to face the past and renew a relationship with her father. Time and again, unexpected sights and sounds invade her memories. They can be both fiends and friends, welcoming and alarming. 

    The first person Beebe meets upon her return is a young man who’s new in town. The story Yates Strand tells adds a new facet to Beebe’s search for a proper goodbye.

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kind words

 "Proper Goodbye needs to be on all the lists of bests."

~~Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review (5 stars) 

“Chappell notes from the very beginning that Proper Goodbye’s theme is ‘reflecting on one’s dreams and memories.’ She holds true to her theme. Time and again her characters are invaded by memories brought on unexpectedly by a sight or sound.” ~~Readers’ Favorites (5 stars)

The charms included on the cover are forget-me-nots, which is also the title of the first chapter.


    The library described in Proper Goodbye is patterned after Warder Public Library, a landmark in my hometown, Springfield, Ohio. The structure is an example of the Richardsonian-Romanesque style of architecture. Warder Public Library was completed in 1890 and presented to the city of Springfield as a gift from wealthy industrialist and philanthropist, Benjamin H. Warder.

     Warder dedicated the building to the memory of his parents. A memorial plaque on the building reads:

    "This library has been erected in memory of Jeremiah and Ann A. Warder by their son Benjamin Head Warder. It is given to the people of Springfield for their free enjoyment and is left in their charge forever. Dedicated June 12th, 1890."

    Warder Public Library served as the Clark County library system’s main branch from 1890 until 1989, when the new library opened.

    Today, Springfield elders still hold possession of this fabulous building and are entrusted to preserve it as a location dedicated to reading. Springfield’s citizens have free use of it, just as Benjamin Warder intended.