Lily White Lie, A Wrenn Grayson Mystery


Lily White Lie

   In Lily White Lie, engravings on a pocketwatch, cryptic messages, Easter lilies, and sidelined spy Bret Kilmore combine to thrust historian Wrenn Grayson into the mysterious world of symbolism. A worried Wrenn connects the messages to her longtime love Gideon and his father. Contact is impossible. Gideon deer hunts deep in the West Virginia wilderness. His father, a prominent banker, vanished after he uncovered a money-laundering scheme.
   Bret disagrees with Wrenn’s assessment. He believes the messages threaten her. They both agree on the symbolism behind the lilies: Lilies signify death. But can Wrenn trust Bret, the man who coincidentally arrived in concert with the first message? The symbolism here is less clear: Bret is a man of intricacies, of light and dark, and lingering shadows.
   The pocketwatch ticks off the time Wrenn doesn’t have. Danger mounts while every viable solution evaporates into mist. 

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exciting reviews

"Lily White Lie is an engagingly written mystery featuring a capable leading lady that mixes a sense of danger with small-town politics and historical intrigue."

   ~~ Indie Reader 

"...truly great characters that remain in your memory long after the book is done...well suited for sleuthing fans."

   ~~ Readers' Favorite


Coat of Arms described in Lily White Lie.

Meet the Characters

The fun part about reading mysteries is deciphering the clues and deciding which characters are suspects. An intriguing mystery includes a wide variety of characters and that can sometimes tax the reader’s memory.  The solution is a quick-reference list outlining each character’s purpose in the story. The character list for Lily White Lie is available below for downloading.