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   Welcome you to my website. I’m the author of five books, both literary fiction and literary mystery. My novels are published by 4am Books. I also enjoy bestselling status on Amazon.

   I generally set aside four hours each day for writing. With the rest of my time, I tend to the business side of being an author. That can lead to a number of things. Currently, I’m responding to a teaching request. 

   Beginning in April, I’ll teach a six-week course on how to write a memoir. The course is titled Memoir Writing 101, and it provides all the elements necessary for successful writing in an easy-to-understand format.

   Other courses I’ve taught are: Construction of a Small Town Mystery and Changes in the Publishing World.

   I am the fun-loving sort, so I devote many hours to family and friends too.

   Look around my website. My books are available for easy purchase. From here, you can send me a message and take a look at maps of Havens, Ohio, the town I created for the Wrenn Grayson Mystery series.

   I recommend signing up for my newsletter. It provides many more insights into the writing life, as well as advance notice of new releases and opportunities for free downloads. 

   Nice meeting you and thanks for stopping by!



    Mystery readers are quite an astute bunch. They clamor for the opportunity to purchase a series of books at one time. That being the case, early in March, The Wrenn Grayson Mystery Series Box Set was released by 4am Books. The series includes the first three Wrenn Grayson mysteries. The series will not end there. The fourth mystery is in the works. Learn more about the box set here... 

Extensively reviewed

   Wild Raspberries, a work of literary fiction, and Deadly Homecoming at Rosemont, a Wrenn Grayson mystery, have been extensively reviewed since their release. Each is the first installment in their respective series.


"A gripping story in which forgiveness and acceptance would have to start on solid ground." ~~ Readers' Favorite ★★★★★    Read more...


"This best-selling mystery pops off the shelf as truly unique in this incredibly popular genre. Delightfully witty!" ~~ Readers' Favorite ★★★★★    Read more...