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   Welcome you to my website. I’m the author of five books, both literary fiction and literary mystery. My novels are published by 4am Books. Please look around my website and read more about the reviews, commendations, and awards I received for my writing.

   The next few months will be busy ones for me. I’m teaching a memoir writing class and making a presentation on mystery writing. A group of seniors registered for memoir writing. While I teach them the structure of writing, I hear some fantastic stories about their lives. With this class, the benefits definitely go both ways.

   The mystery writing course is associated with National Novel Writing Month. This is a well-known program that encourages budding writers to take the month of November to write a 50,000-word novel. My program, scheduled for October, gives those writers a leg up with some tips on early preparation, character development, and scene structure, then it will be Ready-Set-Go! for November.

   Please make use of my website. From here, you can purchase my books, send me a message, and take a look at maps of Havens, Ohio, the town I created for the Wrenn Grayson Mystery series.

   I recommend signing up for my newsletter. It provides many more insights into the writing life, as well as advance notice of new releases and opportunities for free eBook downloads. 

   Nice meeting you and thanks for stopping by. 

Connie Chappell with her best-selling novel, Wild Raspberries.
Connie Chappell with her best-selling novel, Wild Raspberries.

Editorial Review for Lily White Lie


Newest mystery shines in the sun!

Connie Chappell is known for weaving stories that have readers mesmerized from beginning to end. 

  ~~ South Florida Sun Sentinel


Extensively reviewed

   Wild Raspberries, a work of literary fiction, and Deadly Homecoming at Rosemont, a Wrenn Grayson mystery, have been extensively reviewed since their release. 

   Each is the first installment in their respective series.


"A gripping story in which forgiveness and acceptance would have to start on solid ground." ~~ Readers' Favorite ★★★★★ Read more...


"This best-selling mystery pops off the shelf as truly unique in this incredibly popular genre. Delightfully witty!" ~~ Readers' Favorite ★★★★★  Read more...